2021 will be different

The Covid Era has highlighted the value of people like nothing else in modern times. Managing Director of HR Partners, David Owens shares his thoughts on what the world of HR looks like in 2021. 


HR professionals will continue to be the keepers of the Covid Policies. Your opportunity to continue to build trust, connections, and provide counsel to all levels of seniority within your business will continue. The Covid Era has been a time for HR professionals to show how important their roles are in defining and communicating how we work and enabling business performance no matter what the challenges are.


A more human centric future, health and wellbeing frame will remain at the top of the agenda for HR professionals. This softer sider of corporate life will continue until we deem ourselves free from the Pandemic's grip. From a commercial perspective, the challenges we will face will arise when bottom lines are challenged and shareholders demand for dividend returns. There are arguments to be won regarding what organisations will put first post the pandemic. 


Change management will remain essential. It has never been more important to work with the senior leadership group to ensure there is consistent alignment and commitment when change is being implemented. Decision making in this highly charged Covid era is sitting at a hyper sensitive level whilst everyone is watching and listening to communications regarding business intent.  


The risk of poor engagement can also be heightened. The downside of poor engagement is clear and senior leadership plays a pivotal role in keeping discretionary effort and commitment to the company’s and customer goals. In 2021, these goals have never been more highly valued. 


There is no denying that 2020 has left us with a few clear lessons. Be agile, adaptable, keep learning, be forgiving, be understanding, be human. Lets keep this up in 2021. Let us prepare for the worst, but dare to expect things to get a little … better. 

about the author

David Owens - Managing Director

David is the founder of the HR Partners brand and draws upon 25 years of recruitment industry experience across Australia and the UK. He is actively involved in recruitment activities and plays a substantial role in supporting senior search assignments.

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