accelerate your next career step within HR.

For those keen on accelerating their career in human resources, job prospects across Australia have never looked brighter. With the market bouncing back after last year's lull, this may be an opportune moment to explore new opportunities.

If you are looking to make your next move up the ladder, consider the following tips to get you started.  

be proactive 

  • Don't wait for leaders in your business to assign responsibilities to you that relates to company culture and values. As you’re operating within HR, recognise what your company needs and act on it accordingly.
  • Critically, it is essential to work beyond your job description. Refrain from sitting back and being reactive in your approach. Constantly look for new opportunities to improve business and act appropriately. 
  • Aligning yourself with a mentor is also a great way to connect with other areas of the business. Initiate the conversation and take the lead in scheduling appointments for you to connect. It is also a great opportunity to receive feedback on where you are heading within the business. 

learn the full gamut of HR

  • In HR, there are a lot of different functions to consider. Before specialising in a certain aspect of HR, consider experiencing a HR generalist position. These roles are a great way to expose yourself to the full gamut of HR.  This generalist exposure can also make you well positioned to take on positions with added responsibility further down the line. 
  • This can be achieved by involving yourself in different projects or shadowing your colleagues to learn new skills. It will also allow you to understand the long-term opportunities that may be available to you. 

obtain certification

It is important to have credentials that directly relate to your on the job experience. 

This can mean many things, from post graduate studies in a HR related field (consider enrolling into a Graduate Certificate and then articulating into a Masters) to gaining an industry certification from AHRI.  With a certification behind you, advancing your career can be a lot more seamless.

  • Ensure your line managers are aware of your intentions to advance your skill set. By informing them of your intentions, they will see that you are invested in this career and in turn, you should get more opportunities to advance your career.
  • Involve yourself in HR communities online and in person and consult with your mentors regularly.


expand your network

HR is all about networking. Growing your network and your personal brand goes hand in hand in career development. By accommodating more people in your field not only provides you with different development opportunities, it also provides you with different ways of working when it comes to evaluating different scenarios.

  • Connecting with like minded people on LinkedIn and joining groups whilst sharing content relevant to your field is a great starting point in building your network.
  • Involving yourself in HR Partners networking events and AHRI training courses can also provide you with opportunities to liaise with other HR professionals in a meaningful way. 

It is an exciting time to explore your opportunities and career path. Please reach out to the team at HR Partners to discuss your unique journey through the world of HR. 


about the author

gianni sgualdino - consultant

Gianni is an experienced recruitment professional looking after the junior/mid level market across a range of key industries. He prides himself on his unique ability to grow long term relationships with both candidates and clients alike.

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