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2020 has been a year with many obstacles, challenges and changes, kicking us 10 years into the future - without warning, I might add! In a time where we needed to isolate we have seen individuals stand up and connect more than before. We have reached out, cared, supported and kept going through it all. In all honesty, I cannot help but mention a special group of people, a group of people that kept Adelaide and South Australia going; our temporary workers.

Many people had found themselves in difficult situations, suddenly back on the market and unsure of the next step. There had been a shift - long term and permanent employment opportunities had decreased significantly. However, not all was lost. Adelaidians proved to be resilient, adaptable and versatile. Candidates were excited about the prospect of temporary employment, the opportunity to get into that company they had always dreamed about, or re-evaluate their goals and aspirations and take that next step.

During this period, there has been an increase in temporary employment throughout Adelaide, many jumped at the opportunity to move into a new industry, gain experience, and the flexibility that temporary assignments offer. Employers embraced the chance to engage fresh minds and expertise. With the majority of temporary opportunities in Adelaide being in the public sector, this allowed professionals to move into this industry and gain new experience in a space where they normally wouldn’t. Since August this year, the temporary roles have more than doubled and candidates are ready!

After many conversations, it has become evident that temporary employees especially value the opportunity to connect with new people, learn new systems and the chance to sample different industries. Temporary opportunities have also allowed many junior candidates to step into the market, international candidates to gain local experience and senior candidates to share their knowledge. Currently, within the HR space, the roles that are in high demand are HR Business Partners, HR Advisors, Employee Relations Advisors and Recruitment Consultants; I have also seen an increase in the need for Return To Work Coordinators and Work, Health & Safety professionals.

From an HR Recruitment Consultant’s perspective, it has allowed me to connect with many new people and professionals, creating relationships and friendships along the way. Again, I take my hat off to these amazing people! The heartbeat of Adelaide.


about the author

Marilize De Witt - Consultant - South Australia

As an HR Recruiter, I value both my clients and candidates as my key stakeholders and aim to assist and excel in the following areas; HR Consultant, HR Recruiter, sourcing subject matter specialist, candidate attraction and candidate mapping.

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