the new world of work workmonitor 2023.

flexible but stable.

Hear the voice of Australian employees to learn what the different generations want and expect from their employers, and how they compare to the rest of the world.

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the data shows that australians:

  • wouldn't accept a job that didn't provide flexibility around where they work (41.5%) and when they work (45.7%) 
  • feel confident to find work quickly if they lost their current job (51.3%) 
  • aren't as worried as their global counterparts about the impact of economic uncertainty on job security (39.2% vs. 52.1% globally) 
  • feel stability and security is important (91.7%) 

about the workmonitor

Workers across Australia have overcome profound threats to emerge intact and renewed over the past two years. Yet one thing is clear in this new world of work: the dynamic between candidates and employers has shifted. 

Randstad’s Australian Workmonitor is a survey of 1,000 employees revealing the generational differences in opinion on issues such as job flexibility, work life balance, personal and professional growth and corporate social responsibilities.