Adelaide #3: Knowledge exchange - a people centric approach

Run by HR Professionals, for HR Professionals

Hosted by Catriona Byrnes

Creative Director at Randstad RiseSmart

Catriona is leads the marketing, communication and product development for RiseSmart in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. She has deep smarts in internal and change communication, marketing on a shoestring and knowledge transfer. Relentlessly curious, often amused and committed to inclusion and respect, Catriona loves meeting and connecting with people.

About the topic

Knowledge Exchange - A people centric approach to reducing the risk of knowledge loss and skilling up for the future workplace.

Randstad RiseSmart has worked with hundreds of long tenure ‘sages’ – subject matter experts who have unique, single-point sensitive knowledge within their organisation. This session will provide tips and resources on how to unearth that knowledge and use it to drive innovative ways to prepare for the future world of work. With a long held mantra of ‘starting from within’ we will share case studies on how a people centric approach to sharing knowledge can save the organisation significant time and resources.

  • Mayfair Hotel
  • 45 King William Street
  • Adelaide
  • SA, 5000
  • Australia

Event date

  • 27 Aug 2020 | 07:30