Randstad mobile timesheet app

Randstad has a timesheet app which you can download on your android or iphone. This means you can submit your timesheets and expenses from any location and know that you'll always get paid! Some of the key benefits of our mobile app for employees include:

  • flexible timesheet template that can be adapted to suit a non-standard working week or month, saved as a draft and completed later in the week or total hours copied from one day to the next.
  • a filter tool that allows the user to view active bookings when logged in and filter all pre-approved, approved and rejected timesheets.
  • a photo attachment tool for submitting receipts for approval.
  • a simple template for entering and calculating kilometres travelled for travel allowances.

To download the apps, simply click on one of buttons below.

For more information, view our User Guide or see our Frequently Asked Questions and short instructional videos below.


Frequently Asked Questions

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