virtual event: unlearning ‘the future’ to rethink HR in the present

The HR now virtual event series brings together the HR community and Australia’s leading industry experts.

unlearning ‘the future’ to rethink HR in the present.

A conversation with Reanna Browne - work futurist - on how HR can unlearn how we think about the future, leverage future of work changes and disruptions and prepare for ‘post-normal times’.

We have found ourselves in uncharted waters. Disruptions to our work, workplace and people are no longer a forecast but our everyday reality. And, much of what we have experienced in the past may not be part of our work futures at all. So how do we prepare for this?

We will be discussing with Reanna:

  • Ideas and examples on how HR can use the future of work to inspire and innovate in the present.
  • Future thinking concepts that help reframe the way we think about the future.
  • Challenges and opportunities facing HR practitioners preparedness for the future.

your speaker

reanna browne

work futurist

Reanna is the Founder of Work Futures and an academically trained and experienced futurist. She also has a background in strategic workforce planning, HR and organisational design and development - a combination of skills and education that is unique to a small number of people across the globe.

She helps organisations to get practical about the future of work – to anticipate change, navigate uncertainty and make more resilient people and workforce decisions in the present.

Event date

  • 16 Mar 2021 | 12:00