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the current state of play.

Work is being reimagined, from the move to hybrid working to the increased use of digital technology to engage, collaborate and make decisions. As a result, there is a significant increase in the roles played by HR and HR professionals. 

Organisations are looking for HR professionals who can lead the way in upskilling managers and employees in the digital space, develop strategies to overcome skills shortages and rethink retention and attraction strategies as we endeavour to meet the sweeping workplaces changes and challenges which have taken place during the pandemic. 

Demand is currently outstripping supply for HR professionals, especially within talent acquisition, senior generalist and learning and development roles.

hr business partner

HR business partner.

In 2024, the demand for and scope of the business partner role is increasing as ways of working change, talent gaps increase and senior management looks for HR strategists with a good understanding of business challenges and objectives, who can really make a difference.

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recruitment & talent acquisition.

recruitment & talent acquisition.

With Australia’s labour shortages the talents of TA specialists are in high demand. The ability to enjoy the support of a strong engaged and motivated team of TA specialists gives a corporation a competitive advantage in such a challenging labour market, not surprisingly the hunt is on for talent acquisition specialists of all persuasions. 

Organisations have heightened  demand for professionals who can bridge talent gaps in the short-term and identify and respond to longer term talent trends and expectations.

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HR Manager

HR manager.

The role of the HR manager is broadening as organisations respond to changing expectations and demands within their workforce. Organisations are seeking HR managers who understand wellbeing, inclusion and can enhance the working environment. Skills in performance management and engaging an increasingly locationally diverse and hybrid workforce are increasingly well regarded.

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learning and development

learning and development.

One of the key engagement levers right now is development and many organisations have been proactive in enabling wide scale learning and development opportunities for their teams. These are designed to not only to accelerate skills development but to boost engagement and retention.

Learning and development professionals who can keep up with the rapid evolution in how learning and development is planned and delivered can expect to be fully utilised  and highly sought after in 2024. 

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workplace health and safety

workplace health and safety.

Workplace Health and Safety, this is a big driver right now. No business in Australia today can securely carry out its business without correct and timely WHS advice.

As a result, the growing demand for workplace health and safety professionals is apparent as organisations seek to create a safe working environment in an uncertain time.

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HR Advisor

HR advisor.

HR advisors work with management and staff to advise on workforce needs, recruitment and staff development. Demand has increased as organisations look to develop and implement best practice to keep pace with changes in ways of working and the make-up of the workforce evolves.

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rem and bens professionals

remuneration and benefits professionals.

There has always been high demand for Rem and Bens professionals in Australia. It is such a small and specialised function that organisations seem to perpetually compete for the services of this small group of skillful business executives. It's a hot area now and set to be hot in the future as organisations seek to comply with more governance and reporting and the demands for effective incentive based retention strategies.

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employee engagement specialists.

employee engagement specialists.

The employee engagement specialist is evolving into a new post pandemic job title in its own right. Responsible for everything that is on trend  and engaging  this new role aka a “Head of Vibes” is here to stay. Low unemployment and low rates of inbound migration are here to stay, so organisations which can keep vacancy rates low and engagement scores high are going to outperform the rest. Two years ago this kind of job was unthinkable, now it's indispensable.

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training and qualifications.

  • HR business partner
    • Usually, a formal qualification in human resources, commerce or business, majoring in HR and university is the prefered pathway.
    • Membership of a professional body such as the Australian HR Institute (AHRI) gives access to a range of accredited programs and its qualifications and certifications have strong relevance and are widely recognised by employers as beneficial.
  • recruitment and talent acquisition
    • You can work as a recruitment consultant without formal qualifications, however, HR qualifications are highly valued.
  • HR manager
    • While many employers look favourably upon those with a university degree, it is not essential to become an HR Manager, though often preferred.
    • Membership of a professional body such as the Australian HR Institute (AHRI) gives access to a range of accredited programs and qualifications to further your career.
  • learning and development
    • You usually need a formal qualification and industry experience to work as a learning and development professional.
    • Adult Education qualifications are considered highly valuable. 
  • workplace health and safety
    • You usually need a formal qualification in workplace health and safety or another related field to work as a workplace health and safety advisor.
  • HR advisor
    • You should have a degree in human resources or a relevant area, with over three years of HR experience and/or relevant experience to position yourself for an advisory role.

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