virtual event: AI & Automation with Allianz

The HR now virtual event series brings together the HR community and Australia’s leading industry experts.

the session

See the intersection of AI, automation, and Human Resources with Rebecca Thomson, a visionary HR leader driving innovation at Allianz Australia.

Rebecca is a seasoned Human Resources executive, serving as a key member of the HR Executive Leadership Team at Allianz. Leading teams of 50+ employees, her responsibilities encompass critical HR domains such as Performance & Reward, Analytics & Reporting, HR Services, HR Systems, and Payroll. She is passionate about finding ways to improve the delivery of HR through disciplined execution, process redesign and enabling technologies.

Gain a firsthand understanding of how Allianz Australia maintains its pioneering position in the dynamic HR landscape through innovative approaches. This session offers a unique opportunity to not only learn from Rebecca's experiences but also to equip yourself within the evolving AI landscape, ensuring you are primed to elevate your HR strategies. 


In the spirit of sharing best practices in HR, this is a free session and will be hosted virtually.

Event date

  • 16 Apr 2024 | 12:00