building a relationship with your recruiter

Building a good relationship with your recruiter is always crucial, but especially if you are looking at temporary roles. Developing a great rapport with your recruiter enables your recruiter to understand what you are looking for in terms of career development, progression and specific strengths that you possess. It also gives you the opportunity to be honest about your areas for development as your recruiter can assist in expanding your knowledge and expertise.

To assist you, here are some top tips on building a strong relationship with your recruiter:

  • Honest and open communication allows us to truly understand what you are looking for, what motivates you and what you are not interested in. This means we can present opportunities we genuinely believe you would succeed in, and more importantly, enjoy.
  • Lean on your recruiter for guidance. They can assist with anything from career guidance to cover letter writing. Your HR Partners consultant is here throughout your complete job search.
  • Stay in contact with your recruiter once you've been placed in your first temporary assignment. Don't be alarmed if we call to check in to make sure the role is suited for you. Recruiters are checking in on your safety as much as your contentment in the role. We will want to know that you are set up for success, so let them know what you have learned, what you are doing and how you are feeling.
  • Ask your recruiter about the current HR market. Our recruiters have their finger on the pulse with what clients are looking for in candidates, and that understanding is helpful to you. It also allows you to align your expectations and experience within the market.

Having a strong relationship with your recruiter puts you in the best position to secure your next role. Not only can it expand your HR network and create future opportunities, it can actually reduce time and multiple interview processes. Having one great recruiter streamlines the process, and most importantly, makes your experience most enjoyable.

If you are looking for your next temporary role, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. We would love to hear from you.

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connie li - consultant

Connie is passionate about people. She ensures that finding the right candidates for her clients is a seamless experience for all stakeholders. She specialises in entry to mid-level HR roles.

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