Case Studies: Insights from celebrated Employer Brands

Featuring interviews with HR executives from six organisations that have consistently scored highly in the Randstad Employer Brand Research, ‘Standing out: insights from celebrated employer brands‘ looks at what makes an employer appealing to prospective and existing staff. The organisations were selected to cover a range of different sectors, public and privately-owned.  

Among the areas we explore is how technology is changing the way organisations engage with potential recruits, how people work, and how they interact with colleagues and clients. From the use of cognitive systems to enhance performance to augmented intelligence to aid collaboration in engineering and design, many of the organisations taking part are pioneers. Yet, very often, the values that define their employer brand are rooted in the earliest traditions of these organisations. This includes a stirring passion for what they do, be this to protect the environment, care for guests or develop the aircraft of tomorrow. Their brands are also marked out by the care they take over their people and the bonds they’ve built up with them as a result. In a world in which competition for key skills is intensifying and people switch jobs more readily, these brand strengths are rewarded with exceptional appeal to talent and loyalty within the workforce.

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