does your employer brand attract the right candidates?

It’s little use being known as a funky and edgy workplace if you’re running an aged care home. Your employer brand must match the candidates you’re looking to attract.

The attributes your company is famous for – its employer value proposition – must match the preferences of the candidates you would like to have working within the business.

An airline's public image will likely differ to the employer brand of the armed forces, just as a mining company will be looking to develop a different image to that of a children’s charity. 

Rather than starting with your employer brand, begin by identifying the types of people you want within your business, flagging the drivers and preferences that are likely to attract them. Ensure your brand matches those preferences and you’ll make the staffing role a lot easier.

There is a certain amount we know about the employment preferences of specific types of people, from broad gender groups to special interest groups. Men prefer companies that are financially healthy, offer good career opportunities and job security, for instance. While women prefer flexible working arrangements, a pleasant working atmosphere and a good work/life balance.

Younger people are generally more interested in opportunities for career development and training, while those over 40 focus more closely on pay and job security. More mature workers over 55 look for good leadership, as well as meaning and respect in their work.

Here’s what we know about personal priorities matching up with industry sectors.

Priority - Salary and benefits
1st - Mining and natural resources
2nd - Professional services
3rd - Banking and financial services

Priority - Career progression opportunities

1st - Professional services
2nd - Banking and financial services
3rd - State and Federal Government

Priority - Pleasant work atmosphere
1st - Aviation
2nd - FMCG
3rd - Banking and financial services

Priority - Long-term job security

1st - State and Federal Government
2nd - Banking and financial services
3rd - Professional services

Priority - Work/life balance

1st - State and Federal Government
2nd - Banking and financial services
3rd - FMCG

As you can see, there is plenty of crossover. But knowing the specific wants, needs, motivations and preferences of the people you’d like to attract to your business will help enormously when building a brand that will do exactly that.

Get it wrong, and not only will the right staff not apply, good staff could potentially leave. 

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