Exclusive Interview with Helen Comerford, Head of People & Culture at Squiz

  1. Could you tell me a little bit more about yourself and your role at Squiz?

     I am the Head of People & Culture responsible for the function globally. I would describe myself as a little bit quirky which fits beautifully within Squiz and I feel like I have found my work home!

    Currently I have a team of 8 globally across various roles.  We work very closely with the business but ultimately have ownership of our “One Squiz” pillar which is about our brand, our culture and working together collaboratively to achieve our goals.


  2. What are you focused on right now?

     Finalising our new leadership structure, overarching Squiz story and our People & Culture Strategy


  3. How is the role of the HR function within Squiz responding to the current aims and challenges of your business?

     As a function we are well embedded within the business which means we are part of the development of the strategies, and play a proactive part in shaping Squiz as a whole.  We all talk about having that seat at the table and there’s no question that we have it. 


  4. What do you see as the main challenge that the HR function faces in the future?

     Keeping at pace with digital transformation and continuing to develop our own capabilities in the digital space


  5. What key characteristics do you look for in HR professionals when recruiting for your team?

    It depends on what the need is but ultimately I look for complementary skills so the team is well rounded, pragmatism is a must, a little quirkiness and a sense of humour is critical … (oh and they have to put up with the fact I am a little cat crazy!)


  6. What is the best career advice you have ever been given?

    A couple of things come to mind … when I first started out someone told me to “be yourself no matter what” and that advice has stuck with me I am a huge advocate for authenticity.  The other thing was that sometimes it is ok to “ask for forgiveness” – in the right context of course.



  7. What do you love most about your role?

    The people I work with make me laugh every day, that I am involved in so much of what is happening in Squiz’s exciting future.


  8. Best place or holiday destination you have visited?

Cuba!  What an amazing and interesting place to visit and experience!  Great daiquiris, friendly         people, great dancing and a fascinating history (still evident).  Can’t wait to go back in 5 years and see how things might have changed.

 Helen will be leading our Sydney CBD HR Network Group Session on Tuesday 22nd August at Four Seasons Sydney.


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