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The only way to know exactly who you’re looking for is to create a job and person profile before the role is advertised.

Recruitment is not dissimilar to following a recipe; a high-performing business requires a specific set of instructions for success. These instructions include job descriptions that clearly and transparently illustrate the need for the role, how it fits into the organisation and reporting chain, the salary band, and the key challenges, areas of responsibility and accountability. 

But a job description means little if it's not also accompanied by a person specification, which outlines skills, qualifications, characteristics and minimum capabilities. Importantly, it should also include personality type, to ensure the candidate  can handle specific pressures and work with those already in the team.

It shouldn't be difficult to figure out what personality traits will make the best fit. When in doubt, it is always a good idea to speak with the people who will work closest with the new recruit. 

Does the position involve strict deadlines, repetitive but important process-driven work, customer service, analytical skills, empathy, creative brilliance or people management? Each of these responsibilities call for a different personality type. And while the candidates’ qualifications may be a perfect match, if they don't possess the right personality traits, it's unlikely to work out.  

Here is a checklist of must-haves when writing a job or person specification. But remember: for greater insight and detail, speak to the team members the recruit will be working with.

Job specification
Job title
Date created/revised
Reports to (an organisation chart is helpful)
Office location
Key purpose (why the job exists)
Main duties (provide a numerical list)
Responsible for (e.g. staff and/or equipment)
Key performance indicators (how the role is measured)
Grade/salary and other benefits

Person specification
In this document, outline what you're looking for, indicating whether each is absolutely essential or simply desirable. 
Educational/professional qualifications
Specific knowledge required (e.g. of a particular sector)
Experience required
Essential skills required (technical)
Essential skills required (general)
Key personal and personality attributes

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