Guide to a successful first week

The team at HR Partners has extensive experience in the vital science of HR recruitment. As subject matter experts, we have shared some of our best tips to help you get through your first week!

  • Always take a pen and notebook - it is always best to write down what your colleagues and managers explain to you so you do not need to ask again. You can summarise all of  your notes at the end of the week into a cheat sheet so you will have a guide you can refer to for the first few months whilst you settle in.
  • Don’t take lunch - this allows you to see what the team normally does and gives you an opportunity to go out, get fresh air and explore the area.
  • Your colleagues - when you are meeting someone new, particularly those in your direct team, try to repeat their name aloud in conversation three times. The repetition of their name straight away will reduce the chance of you forgetting it the following day.
  • Build relationships fast - make a point to introduce yourself to your key stakeholders and ask them for their key priorities. Build rapport and ask them for their advice on what success looks like in your role.
  • Rest - ensure you have enough sleep the night before you start and avoid big plans after your first week. It is essential to allow your body and mind prepare and recover.
  • Observe - take your time to look what is going around you. What are normal daily processes and routines? If you do not understand or are confused, ask.
  • Be patient - there is a lot to learn in the first week, give yourself time to understand the processes well and breathe.
  • Smile  -  It is the key to being welcoming. Although you may feel stressed, you will be perceived as happy and easier to connect with if you look happy and relaxed.

If you need more assistance in preparing for you first week or landing your next role, contact the HR Partners team on 1800 239 475

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