how to appeal to well-qualified and highly motivated talent

What is an employer brand and an employee value proposition? And why are they so important when it comes to attracting top quality staff?

Australia is currently facing a shortage of skilled workers. To beat out the competition and win good talent, you need to capture the attention of potential candidates. And without a strong employer brand and value proposition, you're likely to struggle to do this.

Your employer brand refers to the image that existing and potential employees, as well as the wider public, have of your organisation. A compelling employer brand boosts your ability to attract, engage and retain a talented, high-performing workforce.

In relatively attractive sectors, brands face the challenge of needing to build the best reputation to secure well-qualified and highly motivated personnel. In less attractive sectors, employers must work against unfavourable perceptions to find people with the right skills and drive, and convince them to join the organisation

Some employers try to target talent by offering above-market packages, but smarter organisations promote themselves, their values and package up their intangible benefits instead of relying purely on financial reward.

So how can you develop an attractive employer brand?

The starting point for your employer brand is the employee value proposition (EVP) – what employees get from working for your organisation and what they give in return – the 'employment deal'.

The get incorporates every aspect of the employment experience, including your mission, values and culture, the training and career development opportunities and all the pay and benefits. The give encompasses what the employees give back to you in return: their skills, attitude to work and behaviour. The EVP differentiates your organisation from other competitors in the job market. It needs to stand out, to be attractive and at the very least, needs to deliver on its promise.

Communication of the employer brand is fundamental to your success and shouldn't just be limited to your recruitment advertising. Take advantage of all available channels, particularly social media, to shape society’s perception of your organisation  

This broader scope is important to attract the right people over the longer-term, as opposed to simply communicating with the individuals who happen to be looking at your job ad on a particular day. Even if you aren't currently recruiting, a strong employer brand will allow you to build connections, strengthen your reputation and develop a strong talent pool that you can draw on down the track.

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