how to attract the right talent for your business

Recruitment is a costly, time consuming and challenging exercise, but there are ways you can ensure the process is as effective as possible in finding the right people to work for you.

For a new hire to work out in both the short and long-term, the role you offer needs to not only fulfil your business needs, but also satisfy the needs and wants of your ideal employee.

Before you can excite someone about a role, you need to be clear about exactly what the position entails, the opportunities provided and establish what you as an organisation will offer the candidate – this is your employee value proposition. Just be sure that you deliver on that promise.

Whether you are recruiting for an existing or new role, be clear on the specific job requirements, tasks to perform and the type of person required. Depending on organisational practice, you may either need to draw up a job specification and a person specification for the role, or recruit against a competency framework.

If it’s a new job, be sure to liaise with all direct reports to work out how this new role would fit into the organisational structure.

For existing roles, you can gain invaluable insights from an employee’s exit interview. Find out why they are leaving, why they joined and what may have changed in the time they worked with you – for better or worse. If any aspect of the role needs refining, make those decisions before you start the recruiting process to ensure you make the right hiring choice.

Who are you trying to attract?

To attract the best candidate/s without prolonging the selection process, put yourself in your potential employee’s shoes Then follow this advice:

  • Create an innovative learning and development strategy, then promote it. People want to know there are plenty of opportunities to develop their career. Make sure you spend time to share your L&D program with potential employees. This will help retain existing staff. .
  • Create an attractive EVP and employer branding strategy that will draw people to work for your organisation. Be sure that whatever you promise is reality when they join your organisation.
  • As part of this process, enliven your website recruitment pages with plenty of interesting and detailed information attractive to a wide range of candidates with diverse experience. This information should highlight why your organisation is unique and why they should work for you. Essentially it should promote your employer brand and EVP.
  • Provide valuable and constructive feedback and advice during the recruitment phase.  This will help improve your reputation in the market.
  • Conduct regular ‘stay’ reviews with existing employees to understand why they applied to your organisation and what encourages them to stay. This will help refine your employer branding and EVP program.

Even with clearly-established processes, recruitment will often remain challenging and time-consuming. A specialist Randstad recruitment consultant can take away the burden of recruiting, leaving you with more time to focus on other core HR and business concerns.

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