how to make the most out of the temporary work lifecycle.

Candidates choose to 'temp' for many reasons, and it may come as a surprise that it is entirely viable to continue contracting through multiple assignments within different organisations. Let's go through what the temp lifecycle may look like, and get some tips on how to smoothly transition from contract to contract.

First and foremost, stay in contact with your recruiter once you've been place in your first temporary assignment. Don't be alarmed if we call to check in to make sure the role is suited for you. Recruiters are checking in on your safety as much as your contentment in the role. We will want to know that you are set up for success, so let them know what you have learned, what you are doing and how you are feeling. Keep us updated on your feedback in your contract and any issues you may have, we are here for you as a direct point of contact, so don't be a stranger.

Towards the end of your contract, your recruiter may reach out to you, or you may want to let them know your current work preferences so that they can start thinking about your next company/assignment before your current one ends. For example, if you decided after experiencing one industry that it wasn't for you - let us know, and we can put you forward for roles in other industries which do appeal to you.

The best thing about having a recruiter is that they do the work for you. From sourcing the perfect role based on your preferences and collating all the pre-employment information. Once you have provided the initial registration forms, you wont need to worry about providing it again. Depending on the duration of your contract, we may be able to use an existing reference check, making hopping into your next contract even easier.

Once you understand the temp lifecycle, you can use it to your advantage and we are here to help you do exactly that.

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connie li - recruiter

Connie is passionate about people. She prides herself on building strong relationships with both her candidates and clients alike. Her philosophy behind her recruitment style is operating with kindness and being solutions focused.

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