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There are many reasons why partnering with a recruitment consultant can help you fill your vacancy. Time saving, access to additional candidate pools, current market knowledge and salary expectations are some of the keys that come to mind. However, when you advertise directly for your vacancy one of the most frustrating things that most employers don’t consider is that the information that they are given on Resumes/LinkedIn profiles is not always accurate.

It’s a fact, 34% of people lie to some extent on their LinkedIn Profile* and 78% of people who applied for positions in 2020 lied at some point during the hiring process**. 

Most people tend to bend the truth a bit when it comes to their experience with some of the more common lies including depth of experience/expertise using technologies, extending the length of time they were with an employer and adjusting their position titles to be more inline with the role that they are applying for. This can be very frustrating and time consuming when the person in front of you interviewing does not line up with the resume you are reading. Any hiring manager who had conducted a number of interviews with direct applicants will have had this happen to them. 

When it comes to hiring Human Resources professionals there is no difference between any other industry sector. What's on the Resumes does not always match with every applicant. This is where using a recruitment consultant can add great value and time saving to your search and selection process. Consultants will spend the time needed interviewing suitable candidates to ensure that they have the capability to meet the requirements of the position based on the job brief provided to them. 

The art of recruiting and the skill of a good consultant is then to be able to match the style and personality of a capable candidate to the culture fit of an organisation. The role of a Hiring Manager should be to interview the presented shortlist of candidates not to determine capability but who they feel will best fit in with the team and organisational culture. 

This is the value of partnering with a recruitment consultant to fill your role. If you are interviewing applicants and spending the majority of the interview determining if their resume matches their skill-set and if they have the technical capability to do the job, is this the best use of your valuable time?  



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