Interview preparation checklist

The team at HR Partners has extensive experience in the vital science of HR recruitment. We've learnt a lot and have also come across some candidates that are less prepared for interviews than they should be. As subject matter experts, we have shared some of our best tips to help you land your next job.

  • Know who you are meeting with - in order to help establish rapport, have a look on LinkedIn and read about their background and experience. Take note of any meaningful shared connections, jobs, companies, universities.
  • Make sure your Linkedin profile and Resume are super up to date - highlight experience relevant to the job you are applying for - why hide it?
  • First impressions matter – dress well and have your outfit ready in advance to avoid unnecessary stress. If you are unsure about the dress code, always overdress.
  • Always have one or two questions prepared, you will often be asked if you have any questions at the end of an interview. So be prepared to ask about anticipated future developments in the business, upcoming projects or new product lines.
  • Be prepared for when they ask you to tell them about yourself - have your story prepared (who you are, where you're going, your passions etc).
  • Be concise with your answers - don't waffle on!  You only have a limited window of opportunity to impress so make sure to listen to the question. Make sure you are answering hiring manager questions using the STAR response (Situation, Task, Action, Response)

The interview is your time to shine with communication and interpersonal skills so make sure to prepare properly. Good luck landing your next dream job.

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The HR Partners team

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