Mastering a behavioural based interview

I am frequently asked for advice on how to prepare for a client based interview. In my experience, I'm usually sending my candidates to two types of interview; a behavioural based formal interview or a coffee catch up.

The behaviour based interview is often the most daunting, and one that needs most preparation. It's important to focus on and understand the role you've applied for, and you're able to articulate why you've applied.

  • Researching the company is essential. You don't need to know everything, stick to simple things like what the business does and how long they've been around. Have a look through their website, social media profiles and Google news to see if they've had any recent mentions in the media; these small things are going to demonstrate your interest in the role.
  • Research the people you know are going to interview you. Knowing their background, their role in the business and how long they've been there is going to give you a basic understanding of whom you're meeting and a sense of familiarity.
  • Define yourself around your results. One thing that will make you stand out is demonstrating the commercial benefits to the business of your examples. If you can outline facts, figures, dollars and percentages it shows that you understand the value of your role and your work. It’s going to make you look great if you can clearly outline how you saved the business money or made them money. Being prepared with five to six quality examples will often give you the freedom to steer the interview in the direction you want.

What comes with this high degree of preparation and focus is a real sense of confidence. Your responses will be direct and concise and what you'll find is you quickly get over the hurdle of having to demonstrate credibility. 

Andrew Paatsch 
Senior Consultant 
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