predicting your future employment needs

Half of employers fail to plan a year in advance for changes in their workforce, and only 13% plan for a two-year period. Rather than being reactionary, here are some hiring tips that will ensure you have the skill set needed to not only run, but grow your organisation.

First of all, consider how national and regional economic growth may affect your business. Randstad research shows that:

Skilled talent shortages are expected to persist across Australia and the wider Asia Pacific region – even in countries where growth is slowing – due to the restructuring of many economies, labour markets and large multi-national organisations.

The region faces nothing short of a corporate leadership crisis – it’s time for organisations to re-think their approach to attracting and developing leadership talent.

To predict how this will affect your organisation:

Assess the current strategic position of your organisation – including factors such as the size and diversity of your workforce, your business goals, any long-term plans for expansion or diversification, and location-specific circumstances.

Review your existing talent – including managers and employees at all levels – and flag those whose functions will be critical to your future success. Think about ways you can up-skill these vital team members.

Consider the political and economic environment your organisation is likely to operate in within the next two to five years; for example, employment regulation and the number of women in senior roles are likely to increase during this time. Look critically at your existing staff base and ask yourself, 'are they capable of managing these increased compliance responsibilities?'.

Think about what additional talent you’ll need and the experience, knowledge, skills and capability required. 

Effective workforce planning in the coming decade means your organisation will need to use a mix of enabling tools, systems and strategies to attract, develop and retain an increasingly mobile and skilled workforce.  

Strategic talent management

To fill a critical need for specialist professional and technical skills in the near and distant future, your HR professionals need to engage in strategic planning and human capital analysis, such as talent mapping and talent management.

High-end recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) can provide access to niche, hard-to-find skills, improve recruitment efficiency, and increase workforce scalability and flexibility.

In addition, talent analytics can help you understand the behavioural patterns and desires of top professionals, allowing you to attract and retain them for your leadership pipeline.

For your business to achieve growth, you need to integrate workforce planning into your core strategic planning process and establish a clear action plan that covers you in the immediate sense and well into the future.

If you would like advice on how to scale your workforce and your business, get in touch with a Randstad recruitment consultant, HR consultant or a Randstad Sourceright consultant
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