reflecting on the journey so far

As HR Partners by Randstad celebrates its 25 year anniversary, we sat down with Founder and Managing Director, David Owens to reflect on the journey that has been. 

what has been one lesson you’ve learned along the way since opening in 1997?

The biggest lesson I have learned is learning to keep learning. We only improve our performance by continually building our body of knowledge. Being open to feedback to new experiences and new conversations is a success factor.

looking back over the years, have there been any “aha” moments that come to mind?

I believe it was the realisation of just how important the role of the HR Professional really is and never was this more true than during the COVID pandemic when HR teams had to work very closely with their CEOs and were vital in managing the risks and the physical and mental health of their employees. Being involved in making sure that our clients have the right HR people is such an underpinning of why we are here and do what we do.

what do you believe has been instrumental in the company’s success?

Someone in advertising once told me that your brand is your promise and I love that. Our brand promises candidates that they will be interviewed by subject matter experts, they will receive great advice, they will be valued and well looked after throughout the recruitment process (which is the major reason why HR Partners was started in the first place) and that we will help them find a great job. We have, therefore, been consistent in the recruitment of people in our company who align with and support the brand promise and that is a big part of our success.

what has been your greatest achievement(s)?

I have been married to the same beautiful wife for 31 years which is number one, second is having three fantastic children and then of course, been given the stewardship of a brand like HR Partners. I have protected it, fed it, nurtured and supported it and sometimes carried it on my back. It’s been hard at times but to be rewarded you have to work for it. I’m happy that our business is now truly national, most HR people in Australia know our brand and we’ve literally placed thousands of people over the years.

do you think your business will still be around in 25 years’ time? will it still be relevant?

Yes, I do. What our brand stands for is immensely durable and will survive me. We have some great leaders and managers in the business who also believe in the purpose and mission of recruiting HR people and our brand promise. There is also huge value in our brand, it is well known and also carries a lot of inherent trust so I believe it will definitely still be around.

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