tailoring your resume for temporary work.

It is no surprise that a well written resume typically attracts the most attention. We've collated our top tips to help you perfect your resume for temporary or contract work. 

Let’s start with the basics at the top of your resume. Full Name, Phone Number, Email and Address. The first three are obvious, but why do we need to know your address? This is so we can find a role which is going to work for you location-wise. We don’t want to get you excited about the perfect role only to find out you live two hours away. On the topic of location, some roles are in areas which aren’t well-connected by public transport, so it is a good idea to mention if you can drive on your resume.

What is your work right status in Australia? This is something we need to confirm with all potential candidates, so it's helpful to add this to the top of your resume. For example are you an: Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident or on a Student Visa.

Note your contract preferences. Different roles appeal to different people for different reasons. Being transparent about what you are looking for/open to, allows us to source you the best suited opportunities for you. For example, if you are looking for a short term contract because you are departing on holiday in three months, please indicate so on your resume so we can contact you for opportunities within that time frame. 

Occasionally with contract roles, companies are looking for candidates with existing exposure/experience. Whilst recruiters are knowledgeable, occasionally we do not know the industry and scope of some companies. It is important and helpful to provide a small blurb on each company that you have worked for, giving us a sense of what that company is about. 

What is your availability? It is helpful for us to know what timeframes you are working with. When does your current contract end? What date are you looking to start work? This means we can cater to your individual needs and circumstances when finding your next role. It is important to be honest and realistic with this. 

Covering these basics on your resume will help us, help you. Think of your resume as your own advertisement, you are telling us “this is what I am looking for” and we, your recruiter, will bring those opportunities to you!

about the author

connie li - consultant

Connie is passionate about people. She prides herself on building strong relationships with both her candidates and clients alike. Her philosophy behind her recruitment style is operating with kindness and being solutions focused.

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