The world of work - perpetual motion

It's always exciting to sit down and answer the perpetual question of what this year will bring.

As we slingshot into 2020, the discernible gap between years has shrunk to such an extent, that for most people, it’s only a two week break before returning back to work and starting the next campaign. This is the era of perpetual motion. Budgets and businesses work on the basis of performing at a high pace for 50-52 weeks of the year. 48 weeks does not produce enough momentum or profit anymore (I suggest a four week break was a normal expectation of most Australian workers between December and January in the 80's and 90's) so we are now considered in the era of "total" work.

What else typifies an era of "total" work? 

In a highly leveraged environment, Australia's city dwellers become more and more frugal with one hand and harder working on the other. Australian workers already do more unpaid hours than most in the western world and with borrowings high and wage growth slow, the incentives and bonus plans become more and more important.

So what do people without access to an incentive plan do? Invent one, propose one, suggest one, move jobs for one or get a second job. Having a second job isn't such a crazy idea; it might just be the difference between getting ahead and not. Afterall, we are in an Era of "total" work.

So how does this warrant a mention in HR circles you might ask? 
I see HR playing a central part in the management and definition of the workplace of the future. If the future is going to involve total work then HR will need to be a truly vital business partner in making it feasible. Whether this is managing the physical or virtual work environment, reward plans, workplace stress or contractual conflicts of interest, HR has a vital role to play. How can your business survive without it?


David Owens
Managing Director | HR Partners - A Randstad Company  


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