things to consider when accepting a new role

Have you recently been working with HR Partners with attaining your new dream role? HR Partners are here to help and guide you throughout this process as a candidate. When you are accepting a new role through HR Partners there a few things to consider: 


If you have accepted a new permanent position, your HR Partners consultant will ask you to provide two references who have either been your direct managers with your past three roles. We highly suggest you contact your referees beforehand so they are aware that a member from the HR Partners team will be in contact with them shortly. It is also highly recommended that you send a position description of the role to your referees so they understand the position you are accepting. 

offer process

Sometimes the offer process can take some time from the client's side of things (normally 24-48 hours). This is a great time to reflect and consider how far you have come as a human resource professional as well as reviewing how this new role aligns with your short-term or long-term career goals. This may also be a time to think about how this role can equip you with new HR skills and qualities.   

The offer process normally has two processes that includes a verbal offer stated from your HR Partners Consultant (stating the job title, start date, salary package, reporting lines, duration, location and any other benefits). Please note there should be no surprises at this stage, unless they are good ones! Once you have accepted the verbal offer of the position, the next step would be a written email from your recruitment consultant confirming your verbal acceptance. 

The next step would be an email sent to you from your new employer with your formal contract (please note, this can take up to 24 hours and your HR Partners consultant will keep you updated within this process). 

receiving multiple offers

Given the current market and how many HR opportunities there are, we understand that you may be speaking and working with other agencies throughout the recruitment process. Please note that we really appreciate when you are honest and open about other interviews and offers you have received. 

resignation of current employment

It is highly recommended that you don’t resign from your current position until you have read, understood and signed your new contract. HR Partners also highly suggest that you read your current contract for notice period and any other existing conditions before resigning. 

Ensuring you plan your resignation far in advance, this warrants a clear, concise and ethical resignation letter and is crucial for maintaining strong relationships with previous employers. 

Things to consider when writing up your resignation letter include: 

  • Ensure it is in writing
  • Negotiate your notice period
  • Make sure it is not personal
  • Keep it high level with factual evidence
  • Make sure you commit to a handover


receiving a counter offer

Sometimes an employer will present you with a counter-offer that will incentivise you to stay. Salary is helpful, but consider if your original reasons for leaving still remain. You’ve invested time and energy into finding a new role, and you’ve got it. Ask yourself if staying will resolve the original reason you went looking in the first place.

Please remember that your HR Partners Consultant is here to help you throughout this whole process.

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