becoming national - what it means to founder, David Owens.

When I became involved in starting up the HR Partners concept, the simple vision was to support HR professionals in finding a great HR job and help companies recruit the right people. The spirit was to build long term relationships and to deliver customised care and high quality advice. 
To create this sense of high value, we have always operated on a high touch and high care basis. It was just last week that I was delighted to hear from a candidate who was placed by HR Partners in 1999 and is still their current organisation; a 22 year career with the same employer speaks volumes about the importance of fit. 
We have worked very hard to become subject matter experts. We work so closely to the market, are enormously connected to HR people on the move and clients seeking to recruit top talent in our ‘new market’. However, this didn’t happen overnight. 
We have slowly expanded since opening in Sydney in 1997 which then followed with the opening of offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Parramatta. Now, we have just opened our Perth office. I am so proud to have achieved the dream of a national HR recruitment brand. 
The national offering delivers many positive outcomes to the HR community, however the pivotal point is having a trusted partner in five state capital cities. No matter where you are heading, or who you need, you can rely on the same team to support you. 
Our commitment to deploying great advice and market knowledge remains as strong today as ever. We act and operate with as much care and commitment now as we did when we launched almost 25 years ago. We are a proud Randstad brand, and harness the power of the largest global recruitment business to provide a specialised service to our candidates and clients. 
We are excited for this next chapter. If you are looking for your next career move or wishing to expand or enhance your HR team, we are here.

about the author

david owens - managing director

David is the founder of the HR Partners brand and draws upon 25 years of recruitment industry experience across Australia and the UK. He plays a substantial role in supporting senior search assignments.

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