your work health and safety.

today's workplace

In today's workplace, we understand that the most important asset we have is you, our people. We take your work health and safety very seriously, and our core focus is to ensure your safety at all times.

We have a dedicated team of qualified OH&S consultants who are experts in risk reduction and prevention. On a day to day basis they work with you and your employer to assess, develop, review and manage best practice OH&S and risk management systems. With clients ranging from large multinationals and small to medium enterprise to public sector departments, we take a personal approach in providing industry leading consulting solutions that can mean the difference between optimal workforce performance and losing valuable time and productivity.

When working with Randstad, you can feel confident that your workplace safety is managed as our number one priority, and that all of your activities comply with OH&S legislation and regulations. We not only strive to meet and exceed our legislative obligations to protect the wellbeing of all employees, we aim to add constant value to your business through industry leading monitoring systems, best practice, information sharing and ongoing safety consultation.

We have spent over two decades defining, creating and shaping your world of work - it is a track record of protecting our future we are very proud of, and we strive to continue this every day.

Nick Elsdon, group director, OH&S Randstad

“At all levels of our company – from our recruitment consultants and dedicated OH&S team, right through to senior management and our CEO – we have a vested interest in and commitment to our guiding safety principles and driving the continuous improvement of our approach. The safety and wellbeing of our people is a key driver of our competitive edge – and therefore we strive to help make it yours.”