anticipation & prevention

As a HR Partners contractor, your safety always comes first - which is why we make it our priority to eliminate or minimise the effect of all hazards in the workplace, as far as reasonably practicable.

For this reason, many of our formal procedures are aimed at ensuring we can anticipate your safety needs, focus on the prevention of injury and manage the environment of our temporary employees.

As part of our overall OH&S strategy, we provide job safety analysis for our clients, comprehensive safety inductions & ongoing risk assessment.

our OH&S services include:  

  • Workplace safety assessments – To protect the safety and wellbeing of our temporary employees, Randstad has a legislative obligation and duty of care to assess every client’s workplace and safety environment. Conducted onsite by our expert & qualified OH&S advisors, our thorough job safety analysis procedure ensures all identified hazards have the appropriate control measures implemented to reduce the risk of injury or illness. Depending on the risk rating of a client site, these assessments are conducted every 12 months to 3 years to ensure the ongoing protection of our temporary workforce.

  • Risk assessment – Following every workplace safety assessment, we provide our clients with a detailed summary report. This gives us the capability to identify risks, provide recommendations, and set a framework and timeframe for appropriate consultation, ongoing monitoring and advice.Many of our clients view this procedure as highly beneficial, allowing for the continuous improvement & safety of your workplace environment.

  • Temporary employee safety induction - All Randstad temporary employees are provided with a comprehensive safety induction appropriate to their area of work. In addition to our standard induction, prior to any placement we identify any areas where our temporary employees may require additional need for training to our clients. For areas of high volume supply, our OH&S and account management team will work in collaboration with our clients to design and implement site-specific inductions, customised to the individual safety requirements of your business.

  • Internal safety talks – To promote our safety culture, and increase the Occupational Health and Safety and Injury Management skills and knowledge of our branch managers and consultants, we hold regular internal safety talks as a training and development tool.