our guiding OHS principles

Your safety at work is our number one priority. At HR Partners, we use our compliance with legislative requirements as the foundation stone of our OH&S and injury management strategic plan, and use this as the cornerstone to build our own set of guiding principles to ensure your wellbeing in the workplace.

  • what are our safety guiding principles?

    Our safety principles are a clear system of rules designed to ensure your safety at work. Based on best practice procedures and reporting, our goal is to consistently anticipate the needs of our clients and contractors, with an emphasis on injury prevention. In everything we do, we aim to go above and beyond OH&S service expectations.

    Below is a list of our safety guidelines:

    • All decision making is based on protecting the inherent safety of our employees, this includes the development and maintenance of our systems and procedures, the provision of resources and the continuous improvement of our business practices.

    • We will ensure the practice of prevention of injury/illness and injury management is aligned to best practice in the industries in which we operate. The focus is to improve the competitiveness of Randstad in the market place as an employer of choice, and continually reduce associated costs for our clients.

    • Where an employee is injured, Randstad will treat its employees with respect and endeavour to process any claims for compensation swiftly, and direct our focus to appropriate injury management and the provision of paid suitable employment with the host employer.

    • All systems, processes and procedures will be reviewed and refined continuously to ensure our business practices support injury prevention and injury management improvements. We will investigate and report system failures. The reporting of failures will be transparent, documented and shared with all stakeholders to ensure the objective of continuous improvement is our key driver.

    • Injury prevention and injury management systems will be supported by comprehensive training and provision of information for our employees – both permanent and temporary. Information will be gathered and shared to support continuous improvement, prevention and cost containment
  • we're committed to continuous improvement

    Our goal is to consistently strive for a strong culture of safety and partnership. We honor this through consistent planning, implementation, measurement and evaluation of our OH&S management system and services in order to protect the safety and wellbeing of all our stakeholders – our contractors, our employees, our clients and Randstad itself.

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