How you'll feel when you partner with us!

As I do, I caught up with a candidate recently and over our discussion they shared with me their experiences, how they got to where they are today and what they want to create for their future. Conversation flowed; I listened to their story and wanted to hear more so asked plenty of questions.

I began talking to them about an organization that I have partnered with over the past few years. I wasn’t talking about a specific role but rather their story; I talked about the changes, mergers and acquisitions that made them who they are today. I described the people in the team, the leader and the leadership team. I gave them a “current state of play”, their exciting vision for the future and their business strategy moving forward.

At the end of the conversation the candidate said “that’s it, that’s the stuff you don’t get from an ad or a website, I would not have considered them before”.

So it got me thinking! As a specialist HR recruiter at HR Partners I know the value of what I do, but do you really understand what it means to partner with HR Partners and its consultants?

  • It’s our job to ask questions, and that’s exactly what we do. When we are taking a job brief we can spend an hour if not more taking a role brief plus the years of knowledge that goes into understanding the client and who they are. What past employees have said about them as a business as a team etc. We have market knowledge that you will not find in a job ad.

  • We ask questions of you too. Now sometimes you might come out of a meeting thinking you’ve just opened up your life to us but you are more than your resume and it’s all of you that a client wants to know. We want to tell YOUR story; we want you to leap off the page. Remember this is your opportunity to work out if you are happy with us representing you too.

  • We have a rich history as one of the 1st HR specialist agencies in Australia. Our Managing Director is a founder of the business and we have been operating here in Australia for almost 30 years.

  • Our leadership team and many of our consultants have been with us for 5 years plus! This represents  years of market knowledge and dedication to our industry.

  • We have industry specialists; we don’t have a blanket approach to recruitment. This allows us to stay up to date with the market and what’s going on in your industry sector, from new legislation through to guiding you on salary.

  • We have international ties with Digby Morgan - a global leader in HR recruitment if your interested in an international move we know who to connect you with.

  • We hold quarterly HR networking events with industry leaders discussing pertinent HR topics and have anywhere from 70 -100 attendees. These events give you a forum to network with fellow industry professionals.

  • We hold executive round table events for our executive leaders as a platform to share knowledge and discuss it in an intimate environment.

  • We sponsor an annual award at QUT for the post graduate student with the best GP in strategic HR Management.

So when you are thinking about your next career move or simply want to understand what's happening in the market, think HR Partners and reach out to one of the team.


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