top talent trends for 2022

employer branding becomes a non- negotiable

Where articulating your employer brand may have been a “nice to have'' previously those that have not done this by 2022 will see themselves on the back foot when it comes to competing for the best talent. A clear and concise EVP statement is a must.

ask what your current and potential employees want- don’t just give them what you think they want.

Our research shows a disconnect between what employers are offering and what the employee actually wants.  In 2022, it is timely to ask the right questions to accurately assess what will differentiate you in the market. Life balance and choice is the number one requirement for current and potential employees.

remote work will continue to be in demand

With 72% of Australian employees saying they want to continue working in a hybrid model, the need for innovative practices around employee onboarding, collaboration and engagement will continue to be high on the HR agenda.

purpose driven organisations will become more attractive (but not at any price)

It is not surprising that people have come through this life changing period reconsidering what they are doing and why. Research shows that 75% of people want to work for employers who have a clear social conscience, however very few will compromise on salaries in order to achieve this.  NFP are competing in a competitive environment and will have to address the need for relativity in salaries to be competitive.

the global talent pool is just the talent pool

Geography is not against us, we have proven that we can work from anywhere.  37% of roles can be done from anywhere.  Expand your mind and expand your talent pool. Companies that have this insight will be a much more attractive proposition.

talent alumni

Developing alumni networks and establishing sound communication practices to stay in contact with ex employees and passive candidates as well as leveraging social media to attract alumni will become a core skill of talent.

internal mobility 

In 2022 It will be up to talent to gain full visibility of their workforce, identify skills, and highlight opportunities for movement. Talent Acquisition (TA) will contribute to talent access and ensure they are able to provide access to the best talent internal, external or through partners to their organisations.

hire for the job at hand

Interim professionals are increasing across the world. Think laterally about how an interim can suit your needs. Our business models are changing at a rapid pace and the skills required at any given time in that evolution can change. An example of this is bringing in a senior consultant to do the heavy strategic lifting and stakeholder buy-in followed by a more junior operational delivery person.

candidate experience has to be exceptional 

Long drawn out recruitment process, old school panels, multiple interviews, lack of communication, lack of feedback will simply mean you miss out on talent. In a market where the competitor could move a lot faster than you they could be at offer with somebody else before you get to your second interview.

flexibility in employment contracts

Temporary assignments are simply not attractive any more. People want a measure of security, even if that is on a three month FTC. Think carefully about what kind of contractual basis you can offer.

incentives need to be meaningful

In a world where candidates and employees are being offered incentive -sign on bonuses and retention bonus, we all need to look at how we can incentivise that potential employee to join us or that highly valuable employee to not leave us. Ask your current employees what is important to them. What will incentivise them to stay?  Chances are it will be the same as what a potential employee is looking for. Why should we only reward the new when the existing have contributed so much?.

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